Here are some great projects to add value to your home:

  1. Replace Sinks and Faucets – You can expect to recoup 70-80% of kitchen remodeling work when you sell your home.
  2. Add a Blacksplash – Consider spending the time and energy on grout and tile.  It will appeal more to buyers and will only add around $100 to your supply cost.
  3. Install Vanity Cabinets and Toilets – Look for modern water-saving models that will save on water bills and appeal to energy-conscious buyers when it’s time to sell.  On average, this provides a 172% return.
  4. Paint a Room – Lighter shades generally make a room feel larger, neutral shades will appeal more to buyers.  You will see a 250% return on your investment with freshly painted interior walls.
  5. Install Crown Molding – It’s a feature most appreciate by buyers and could be one thing that sets you apart from other homes in your neighborhood.  This won’t add value but you will set yourself apart and make a lasting impression.
  6. Get Organized – Improvements to functional space is just as important as the ones that make it look better.  Focus your efforts on the garage, basement and closets.
  7. Replace the Front Door – This is the first thing buyers see when entering your home.  Expect 129% return  from a steel door.  Don’t forget the door handle and lockset, a sturdy door handle feels good and gives a sense of security!
  8. Landscaping – First impressions, if the outside isn’t appealing then what does it say about the inside?  Even the most basic landscaping projects can add $1,500-$2,000 to the value of your home.

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