AIP is being able to live in the home of your choice for as long as you are able. The focus is planning for quality of life while maintaining their independence.

As a senior, you can make a choice to provide both a better quality of life and control over your lifestyle.  It requires some planning and we’d like to share some basics to get you started.

Aging in Place means you can live in your home, whatever that looks like, for as long as you are able and being able to get the support you need as your needs change.

It’s wonderful to be able to remain in an environment that provides stability and comfort while getting your needs met, no matter what they are.

This isn’t just about staying where you are at.  It’s really about planning.  This is the only reason it works.  When you plan for all areas of your life (finances, health, personal care, etc.), you can prevent many and fix problems that may arise.

Your focus here is on the quality of your life.  Ideally, you will maintain and even improve the quality of your life through planning.  Keep in mind the plan you create to begin with may need to be adjusted as your position changes.

Some changes you may experience include a change in vision, strength, endurance, mental processing, hearing, etc.  The areas that may be impacted by these changes include getting around your home safely, transportation, socializing, etc.

Most seniors, 65 and older, are either living alone or with their spouse in their home.  Many of these seniors experience a decrease in the quality of their life as they get older.  The number of seniors affected by this are growing every year.

Deciding you want to age in place means choosing how you want to spend your retirement years and how you want your home and your health care to be, what types of assistance you desire and how you want major decisions to be made.

This gives you more independence, more control and a greater quality of life…and you don’t have to do it alone.

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