How to Find Your Dream Home

Are you ready to find your dream home? When you’re starting the process of home buying, you should know that you don’t have to settle. Your dream home is out there, so why not find it? Are you not sure how to find that home of your dreams? Not even sure what you should be […]

Tips to Consider When Purchasing a House

Tips to Consider When Purchasing a House Purchasing a Home When buying a house, everyone has top priorities. The purchasing process is complicated and requires time, and it’s easy to get distracted, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. However, knowing the most important thing to look for when touring properties can […]

Top Reasons Spring Is The Best Season To Buy A House

That’s correct. Time and time again have various realtors all across the world claimed spring to be the best season for people to buy a new house. In other words, the real estate market’s the hottest in the spring season. From a financial standpoint, I’d say that winter has various proven advantages when it comes […]

Twin Cities, Seen as One, Acting as Two

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Twin Cities Commercial Real Estate Differences The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St.Paul are often considered as a whole, one large metro. While this tends to hold true for the most part, there are some key differences between Minneapolis and St.Paul, and one of these differences could be the determining factor that will split […]

Residential Versus Office

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] St.Paul Is Growing, and so is the Battle between Residential and Office Space As our Twin Cities expand, so too does our needs for space and specific services in our cities. The constant battle between the types of property spaces and the services they provide are in full effect in St.Paul specifically. St.Paul […]

Rental Properties

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Buying Properties to Rent Out As time has shown many times over, real estate is an area that, when done right, can have great financial benefits. This holds especially true when it comes to renting out property. One of the most notable examples would be the overnight rage known as “Airbnb” which is […]

House Down Payment Help

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Down Payments on Homes Getting Harder To Afford One of the most prominent issues when it comes to purchasing a home, especially for first time buyers, is affording the down payment of the home. Money issues are the most prominent of the issues on the path to homeownership, so much so, that 80% […]

6 Keys to Buying a Home For Seniors

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Surprising Home Buyers Often we hear constant barrages of millenials and baby boomers in regards to the housing market and the changes that have and are occurring in that market. However something that is unexpected and really helping the housing market stay afloat right now is the purchasing of homes by seniors. According […]

The Many Choices Available For Home Loans

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Home Loan Woes   There are many home loan options available and as good as that is, it can also be confusing. The most common loan options are “fixed rate loan”, “adjustable rate loan” and even something known as a “hybrid” loan. So which home loan is the best for you so that […]

Housing Market In Danger

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Trends To Threats In a recent article, we spoke about residential regression and the current impact on the housing market. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Recently there has been talk of  trends that are negatively impacting the housing market, which could also be counted as another reason for the residential regression from our previous […]