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This site is .88 ac of level ground that is shovel ready for development located on
city streets and curbed. View the full listing here:
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Market Summary
The city of Cottage Grove population of 34,000 and over 2200 businesses in
Washington County, it is one of the fastest-growing communities in Minnesota.
Samples of current projects to attract new businesses and support current
businesses: Cottage Grove Business Park, Business Enterprise Center, Shoppes at
Cottage View/East Ravine Development, Shop Cottage Grove.
This level site is an ideal location for senior living facility. Or if your business is
focused on high technology or new proprietary technology, Angel Tax Credits may
apply. The city of Cottage Grove also offers, Emerging Entrepreneurs Funds and
Growth Acceleration Program dollars if your business at the Cottage Grove
Business Enterprise Center just across the street has outgrown its space and is
looking to take its dreams to the next level.

Market Metrics

Cottage Grove is a community of 34,000 residents and is located
just a few miles south of Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro.

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7500 79th Street South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016


 The city of Cottage Grove in
Washington County is one of the
fastest-growing communities in
 Cottage Grove has several grant and
loan incentives for investors and
business owners
 Angel Tax Credit For Investors may
apply. The Minnesota Tax Credit
provides a 25 percent tax credit on the
individual income taxes of qualified
 Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund
provides loans of up to $150,000 will be
given to small businesses, with
participating businesses providing at
least a one-to-one match. (Preference
given to proposals with a 5:1 leverage
ratio or more.).
 Growth Acceleration Program Provides
consulting services and grants of up to
$50,000 (matched dollar-for-dollar by
companies) to help small
manufacturers become more efficient,
more competitive, and more likely to
thrive and grow.

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