Selling a home can be a stressful ball of emotions. A place you have invested time and effort into, as well as a place that holds some cherished memories, being sold to someone else. It doesn’t have to be this way, you can properly sell your home, while also keeping your head on your shoulders the entire time. Whether this is your first time selling a home or a familiar experience, these helpful tips and guidelines can make the process less emotionally taxing, and help sell your house fast!

Preparing for the sale

Before you can start selling your home, you need to make sure it’s in a state of appeal. No one will want a home that looks like it was just used by the family that currently lives in it. When people search for a home, they want to imagine themselves in the location, not be reminded someone else currently lives in it.

Once we have the house prepped, it’s finally time to get down to business. The house from here on out will take care of itself, the rest is in the hands of the homeowner and the interested parties.

Release the emotional connection

When it comes to selling a house, emotions can hinder the process. As soon as you make that decision to sell, it’s important to start seeing yourself as a business person and the home as a transaction. This will allow for clarity in your decision making processes and not to pass up any good offers. Now this does not mean you should be emotionless. Most persons looking for a home are in an emotionally charged state as well and are looking for a location that will help cherish a future family or other forms goals and dreams.

Hiring an agent

Realestate agents are often a topic that is questioned for their necessity. If this is your first time selling a home, an agent is highly advised. Realestate agents have access to experience and connections most people do not, which will allow them to sell a house fast and increase the chances of you landing on a price that is ideal. Agents do take a percentage of a sale, but that is only natural for the services they offer, and unparalleled knowledge in the area. An agent will be able to help in other matters, such as removing some emotional stress by dealing with interested parties directly, while you make the decisions in the background. Agents will also be able to inform you of good competitive selling prices, which will help speed up the entire process, and of course, agents also will be able to help you avoid any problems that will occur in the selling and transaction processes.

The pricing of a home

Price is everything, it will make or break any and all chances you have at selling your home. Setting an unrealistic price is generally the downfall of most sales. You will occasionally run into some buyers who will actually set an unrealistic price as well when selling the home, and that is why it is so important to know the current competitive pricing, to avoid the failure of selling a house, and also avoid getting ripped off. Generally it is not a bad idea to set the pricing of a home on the lower end of the going rates, because this will allow for more offers on the home, and drive up the prices through the bidding process!

Selling in the winter, when it isn’t necessary

The winter tends to signify a slowing of activity in house hunting, due to the close by holidays and social engagements. This will result in a lack of offers in the winter and can potentially lose you some money. This however does mean that there aren’t many sellers during this time either, and depending on the situation and your home, this could be a strong strategy for selling your house.

Insuring your home

while your mind may saying “I need to sell my house” it is wise not to forget to protect yourself before starting the process. There will be a lot of unknown people and variables that occur during the process of selling your home. The result of such added activity in the home may result in an accident to occur, and someone may injure themselves in the process and attempt to sue or something of the sort. So while it is important to sell your house, it is important to have it insured before the process begins and avoid some possibly large issues down the road.

Photos of the house

A major way of getting your house out there and being seen by people is naturally, through pictures. In order for people to gain an interest in your home, they need to see what it looks like. Posting a couple pictures online can help, but it is best to go all out in this area to really draw attention. Get some good pictures of each room and the accommodations around the house, as well as the landscaping surrounding the home. The significance these pictures will make are truly amazing, so don’t skip them!

Accommodating the potential buyers

Through the process of learning how to sell your house, you will run across potential buyers that have a conflicting schedule to yours. This clash of the schedule means you either have to turn away a buyers interest in looking at the home, or take one for the team and bite the bullet. Try your very best to alter your plans and accommodate the schedule of the interested party, despite the possible inconvenience. Be sure to run through the home before each showing and pick up all the clutter and messes before each showing as well. It is a tiring process but completely necessary!

You now have some great insight into selling a home and the process that will require the energy of your mind and body. It is important to prepare yourself not only mentally but fiscally in the even that your sale does not meet your desired pricing. Be patient, be considerate and keep your focus on the long run!

If you do desire an agent in the process of your big sale, we at Kontor would love to help you achieve your goal! Our years of knowledge and experience will be at your disposal, and we don’t know the meaning of quitting! Give us a call or shoot us an email!

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