Tips on buying commercial real estate

You wake up early and start some coffee, go out front and grab the paper before sitting down and starting to read. As your skimming the paper your eyes get dragged to the commercial real estate listings. You begin to wonder what would be involved in real estate business and if this may be an […]

Federal tax reform and commercial real estate

2018 has been a roller coaster thus far. One of the most prominent factors being the new tax reforms. What is it about? Who should pay attention? Who does it most involve? While we can answer all of those questions, we can answer two! Everyone should pay attention to it, and as for who it […]

Understanding residential real estate

When thinking about managing, buying or selling, it is important to know the type of real estate that is involved. Different types of real estate have different kinds of laws and regulations that can affect the way in which you need to manage, sell and buy that type of property. Residential real estate Let’s start […]