The many factors involved in buying and selling homes are sometimes overwhelming. Many important forms of advice can be forgotten in the action phases, potentially causing some hiccups in the process. However one form of advice should ring loud and clear during the selling process, and that is that the first two weeks of marketing are critical.

The first two weeks of your home being on the market spark a chain of reactions that result in these first two weeks being the best chance to sell your home. Along the market path there are vital factors that will be relevant to your success in selling the property, but it is important to know what these factors are.

The key events include the following:

  • Your home will be entered into the MLS (Multiple listing service) which is basically a web of brokers who share their knowledge on a property that was listen within 24 to 48 hours, to increase the chance of selling your home. This listing will include your showing instructions and will result in other agents bringing buyers to check out your home.
  • More detailed information regarding your homes location and the variables at play in the location will be gathered through mapping, satellite images, neighborhood record information, tax roll data and so on. These forms of information will be included in your listing to help better inform potential buyers of important aspects that are relevant to the home and help increase the speed of a sale.
  • Your agent will take the time to take photos or video of your home to help market it and enable buyers to take a visual walk-through, allowing for potential buyers to be from further locations and broadening your web of potential.
  • Your agent will create a “features” sheet either virtually or otherwise, that will detail the added benefits of your home that may not be prevalent in all homes to help entice and sell the property. These will help your home to stand out from others in peoples minds and increase likely hood of a sale.
  • Your agent can schedule your home on the MLS tour, resulting in other agents to see and ask for feedback of your property, to better inform their buyers or potential buyers. This is vital, because it provides buyers with someone who has seen the home first hand, and is a person with whom they already trust to find a home for them, also resulting in an increased potential for a sale.
  • Your agent will distribute your listing data to their online platforms and get the word out about the property for sale, reaching a wide range of people and potential buyers.
  • The good ole’ “for sale” sign will be put in the front yard to signify your homes availability.

The moment your home hits the market, it becomes a fresh new opportunity for new and old market purveyors to peruse and becomes a commodity in the sea of listings. Through the multiple locations that your home is listed, a wide range of people will be able to assess their interest and book things like walk-through’s or offers on the property.

If your home is not having alot of attention after the first two weeks, don’t fret yet. Consult with your agent to see how you may add to your curb appeal and improve your staging of the home. You may be in a buyer’s market and that will mean the buyers need more time to sift through the options and make decisions. Don’t be too quick to lower your price.

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