We at Kontor realty group specialize in residential and commercial real-estate. Our focus is on those who need help in assessing the market, and developing a plan to accomplish what is needed, no matter the circumstances! Our location of business is Metro Minnesota. If you need to sell, we will know how to do it, thanks to our years of experience and accomplished services along with a developed understanding of the market and connections in the area, we will ensure a positive selling experience!

This business is held by three pillars, people who have the needed experience to accomplish goals in the Metro market and are able to help educate others in the process.

Mike Berglund

The first pillar is Mike, he is known for keeping an eye on the curve of the market and understanding when the dip will curve into a rise. Mike Handles the commercial aspect of Kontor as well, which is probably why your reading this now!

Renee Johnson

Our second pillar, Renee is our best people person! She listens to your concerns about the market and your specific circumstances, and through this, is able to develop a personalized plan of action that will not only meet, but exceed the expectations of any individual!

Shelley Kohler

Our final pillar, Shelley, is the dream catcher. She will find that home you only dream of and somehow make it possible to make it your own! Not only does Shelley help find your dreams, but she will help sell your nightmares! If you have a home you just can’t stand to fix up anymore, but have already put so much time and effort in, she will find the person or people who will gladly buy it!

These three pillars of Kontor are essential in the Minnesota Metro area for accomplishing buy’s and sell’s in the residential and commercial market!

Generally when someone is thinking about the housing or commercial market, there is a weighted grievance associated the task. This is no surprise, seeing as the task is daunting, but through amazing teamwork and synergy, the Metro Minnesota market isn’t something to be feared!

You have a need, and we will meet it. We at Kontor are dedicated to ensuring the smoothest transition of a buy or sale for you and will not stop until that is accomplished!

Phone: (612)567-1810

Email: yourplace@kontorrealtygroup.com

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